Belief is Irresistible

Belief in Small Business is IrresistibleWhen I think of failure I think of the runner who falls and cannot finish the race.  The student who fails the test after studying for many hours.  Failure is closing all of the Sports Authority. Failure is the end.. nothing more… discontinued. Well, maybe that is what this blog has been a slight failure. But we are paying a tiny fee for this website that makes me want to keep going. So I will write even if no one reads it. I have felt the desire to stop blogging and say it was a failure but where would the learning come in. When we started the blog we had such big intentions but no real goals or desires. We lacked belief. Belief in ourselves and what we could contribute.

I believe that my little contribution can be something. I believe that there is a need for small business owners to share and hear each others stories. I think each person who fights for their own business or job has value. There is a story behind what they do. I want to try. I want to continue to share my story of what I am learning with others.  Many may say that rubber stamps  are not significant but to me they are so simple and complex.

The purpose of this blog is to show you my belief and love in small business. I want to share my story with you so that you know what it is like and maybe someday you will start your own business or support a local business.  I hope you will stay and continue to read about our lives and stories of small business that inspire and make me who we I. Belief is irresistible.